Unicredit undersigns the Miri minibond for sustainable mobility in Naples

UniCredit has undersigned a bond loan (minibond) of 1.5 million euro, guaranteed by the Guarantee Fund for SMEs managed by Mediocredito Centrale and issued by Miri Spa, a Neapolitan company specializing in the design, construction and maintenance of technological systems, both civil and industrial, in particular for the infrastructure and transport sectors

The 5-year bond undersigned by UniCredit is aimed at supporting the sustainability-related projects that the company is carrying out in order to reduce the environmental impact of mobility and accelerate the diversification of activities, also positioning itself as important national player of reference in the energy efficiency market.

In addition to the minibond, UniCredit has also made a ceiling of 8 million euro available to the Miri Group through the subsidiary UniCredit Factoring.

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